Successful Post-Merger Integration (SPMI) is the key that unlocks the full value of a merger/acquisition deal it’s also highly complex, taking place under severe time pressure and in parallel to running the core business making it one of the most challenging initiatives a senior executive can undertake. Preparation is key to creating rather than destroying value in an integration. Underestimating the complexity and timing associated with achieving synergies is why the majority of PMI tend to destroy Total Shareholder Value (TSV) as opposed to growing it.

EGNYT Merger Integration helps you mitigate common risks and offers a systematic approach to managing change for your business, people and culture, ensuring  a smooth deal close and realizing maximum revenue and cost synergy potential.

Winning acquirers put the right M&A strategy in place and devise a structured post-merger integration approach to capture revenue, cost and capital synergies and institute a disciplined, structured post-merger integration approach focused on deal value drivers. Our structured approach to M&A integration is aligned with the key success factors. We will

  • Tailor our plan to help you achieve the original strategic intent of the deal
  • Validate and track synergies to ensure realization
  • Devise a first 100 day plan that includes the right program management setup, outlining kick-off state, transition-state and end-state organization and business model structure
  • Develop end-state structure effectiveness Monte Carlo simulation
  • Establish change management strategy


As a successful startup, you have not succeeded until you turn your product or service (that you worked hard to build until this point) into a great company. To do so, startups must rely on their limited resources and existing skill sets to get all that done successfully. Hiring experienced managers to fill in the skill gaps does not work as you cannot insource all the work needed by hiring. Furthermore, you cannot outsource the needed work for a long time. Therefore, there needs to be balance to increase your chances of success. This is where we step in, we support you by giving the targeted support you need to cover skill gaps when you need it most, and when hiring someone to bridge the specific skill gap is neither possible nor financially sound. We act as an extended member of your Team to give you the right support when you need it most and when hiring external people is not an option.


  • We focus on the strategic objectives of the deal, accelerate synergies, and build a high-performance organization
  • We tailor our approach to your business and then work hand-in-hand with you on a daily basis to help you navigate the critical decisions that make your integration succeed
  • We help you develop an effective, combined organization, while retaining your critical resources
  • We get you up and running quickly with a program plan and management office and  ensure you deploy a disciplined and structured approach to integration
  • We use our proven change management program to ensure internal and external stakeholder concerns are addressed

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EGNYT’s approach is grounded in the following guiding principles:

  • Putting People First: Organizations don’t change, people do. To get results, employees must take ownership. Therefore, we help you identify the vital behaviors that drive results, and reinforce them with positive feedback and we help you invest in coaching to develop individual capabilities
  • Crystalize Vision: The vision will need to inspire deep commitment. We help you develop a clear vision while ensuring leaders are aligned on and committed to it. 
  • Proof of Concept by Creating Immediate Value: Transformation plan will need to be realistic and have quick wins. We help you ensure that the organization is able to implement change and establish a governance structure to ensure efficient decision-making and management mechanism to measure progress and capture value
  • Sustainability of Change: We help you establish the organizational enablers and adapt the process and technology to support the change. Build-in a feedback loop and response mechanism to ensure enduring results.



Plan an integration with the right balance of value and risks


Achieve or exceed the value enabled by the transaction


Align your Business model, people, and culture to deliver the strategy


Implement sound business processes and the system to support in the long-term from day one


Make key decisions with a forward-looking strategy that addresses risks before they happen

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