The digital revolution is not only about technology. It’s about how your customers react, your competition shifts and your costs transform. Your company’s digital strategy must be forward-looking and consider the future not just the present. As IoT becomes more and more pervasive, the bar is increasingly set higher. To compete in today’s and tomorrow’s digital world, your company will need to move beyond a project approach and weave digital into both external and internal value chain.

At EGNYT, we approach digital in this holistic context, helping your company achieve truly transformative results. We have deep expertise in every aspect of digital and technology including marketing, operations, systems, automation, etc. as well as all emerging and accessible technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, 3D printing, infinite computing, smart drones, big data analytics and other emerging IoT.

Other pricing strategies could be incremental in nature and focus on growing revenue by changing prices as an enabler to bring in more business. This includes strategies such as introductory promotional offers, freemium subscription models, product bundling, small regular price increases, defending against unnecessary giveaways, segmenting offering, applying surcharges, passing on changes in cost to serve, and pricing in additional sources of value etc..

Success in this model requires maintaining profitability by keeping churn low, monitoring customer acquisition costs, and reacting to competitive dynamics to avoid price or share wars and keeping clear insight into margin leakage and relentless discipline in rectifying the issue.

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  • We ensure that your digital transformation strategy balances short-term goals with long-term strategy by baselining your current offerings, assess where your sector is headed and develop a roadmap for you to get there
  • We support you operationally and organizationally to overcome talent management challenges that are key to succeeding on your digital implementation journey
  • We help you play become a disruptor with innovation and defend you against disruption with a digital strategy that defines what you can do today and how it will shape your advantage for years to come
  • We help you fuel innovation and accelerate digital transformation while also helping you build your own in-house abilities
  • We help you bring order to chaos that are typically the characteristic of every digital transformation
  • We ensure that you explore digital capabilities throughout your operation, from the factory floor to your supply chain and end customer, while exploring the expanding potential of IoT
  • We set you up so that you can tap into the emerging technologies that best meet your needs and apply advanced design and prototyping capabilities to your digital projects
  • We help you accelerate the progress of your digital initiatives by combining a decade of success in advising companies about digital strategy

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EGNYT’s approach is grounded in the following guiding principles:

  • Putting People First: Organizations don’t change, people do. To get results, employees must take ownership. Therefore, we help you identify the vital behaviors that drive results, and reinforce them with positive feedback and we help you invest in coaching to develop individual capabilities
  • Crystalize Vision: The vision will need to inspire deep commitment. We help you develop a clear vision while ensuring leaders are aligned on and committed to it. 
  • Proof of Concept by Creating Immediate Value: Transformation plan will need to be realistic and have quick wins. We help you ensure that the organization is able to implement change and establish a governance structure to ensure efficient decision-making and management mechanism to measure progress and capture value
  • Sustainability of Change: We help you establish the organizational enablers and adapt the process and technology to support the change. Build-in a feedback loop and response mechanism to ensure enduring results.



Accelerated outcomes for your digital effort through our proven methods and accelerated program process


A sustainable digital future with discrete projects that are conceived and launched in a logical sequence based on high-impact prioritized roadmap of initiatives and opportunities


A Strategy that accounts for the industry’s future so you can determine the most promising way for your company to play and win


Agile strategy to give the freedom to pivot as conditions change, without losing momentum


Design-thinking and sprint-based approach to iterating and improving innovations

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