About EGNYT:

Business Models Hackers

EGNYT is an innovation and development consulting firm that uses a custom and disruptive approach to solve real-world business problems. We partner with our client to develop effective solutions to accelerate growth and drive intrinsic valuation.

The traditional process of solving problems according to best practices and case studies alone is no longer sufficient to have an edge over the competition. In this day and age, successful companies adopt disruptive innovation solutions to tackle business issues.

EGNYT will mix things up. Bring in new minds, new methods, and new ways of looking at the problem to help you develop a groundbreaking and cutting-edge idea. Together, you will succeed.


Tailored To Your Business

EGNYT is a boutique strategy advisory firm focused on business model hacking. The proprietary hacks that we conduct on your business, are focused on unleashing hidden values you never knew existed within your business. We set reachable goals for your business that enable you to become the driving force in your industry. We transform businesses into industry-leading players and can boost yours into a formative position.

Your business deserves commitment and devotion from the strategy consulting firm you hire. At EGNYT, we deliver in every regard and offer your business opportunities to propel your company forward. Your pipeline projects can become a reality as EGNYT takes your business to new heights and helps you triumph by acting as a catalyst for boosting your intrinsic value.


When you partner with EGNYT, not only are getting a target plan for innovation consulting services, but you are getting an experienced team that is driven to make your business better. We are a group of creative thinkers that can see the bigger picture and apply it to your business. We take your projects seriously, and we strive to provide the solutions you need to excel. We are there with you every step of the way as a development consulting firm that cares about your business.

We surround your business with a group of professionals that can provide the services your company needs to grow and increase revenue along the way. Our team is there to provide you with support in your endeavors and give you the guidance you need to follow your vision.


Whether you are looking to increase revenue with a new product, re-develop your services or transform the way that you do business, EGNYT is your development consulting firm committed to your company’s success. We care about your business and want to partner with you to make it even better.

Contact EGNYT today and watch your business soar through our innovation development consulting services that are designed specifically for your needs. We are ready to take your company to a new level and can make it happen today.