Business Model Hackathon

We invented the concept of Business Model Hackathons

Business Model Hackathons are essential for today’s disruptive markets and ensure that your business has the right strategy in place.

Hackathons typically run from 1-3 days depending on the complexity of your existing business model, and ensures that by the end of it, you develop a business model in place that is disruptive-proof for your organization to support a game-changing strategy.

EGNYT applies Brute Force management consulting approach search to ensure you have the right strategy. We then help turn your adopted strategy into reality.

Our clients are visionary organizations who are fired up about creating new answers and solutions. We not only help you move your business onto the path of success, but blaze your own trail. EGNYT is a strategy consulting firm with a focus on hacking business models and establishing adaptive and resilient companies.

EGNYT solves real-world business problems with creative innovative strategies that work.


Choose EGNYT as your partner in innovative consulting services and watch your business’ performance expand beyond the horizon.

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Cutting Edge Strategies

When your company faces stalling blocks to innovation, you can count on ENGYT as the catalyst to your profit revenue.
We open the door to opportunity with an array of customized services tailored to your business.

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