For businesses that have the beginnings of change management initiatives and ideas but may be unsure how – or whether – to proceed, EGNYT provides a concept crystallization service. This highly targeted engagement provides rapid analysis of how to realize change in a way that makes sense financially and operationally. The result is a workable roadmap for how to proceed, with tangible next steps and a set of clear benchmarks for subsequent go/no-go decisions.

EGNYT’s approach helps clients overcome the odds by predicting, measuring and managing the risk associated with change from day one. The result: unparalleled support from strategy to implementation that delivers sustained results.


Organizations can’t change unless the people in them change their behaviors. EGNYT prioritizes the behaviors that matter most to your organization’s change program and inspires their adoption throughout your company. We help you move past traditional change management approaches so you can structure, orchestrate and enable the change your organization needs to make, by focusing on the coaching and capability building that are essential to winning buy-in and making change stick. EGNYT will work with you and help you navigate these tricky waters to deliver lasting results.

  • Some believe that much about change is irrational and hard to predict when in fact the opposite is true. Delivery risks are highly predictable, measurable and manageable. Many change management programs stall because organizations fail to consider risks of change delivery and implementation. A simple risk assessment at the outset can identify specific risks early, and providing a simple, practical set of actions that dramatically improve the odds of success.
  • Many organizations try to roll out a change program but fail to realize the anticipated benefits. To realize the benefits the key individuals in the organization have to “play ball”. This requires changing the way people behave. For any transformational change to succeed, people have to think and work differently. And to get these new behaviors to stick, they need to be reinforced and celebrated by a connected group of sponsors throughout the organization. The direct line boss has the greatest influence over individual behaviors. That is why it’s essential to lobby the organization from the bottom up. An unbroken chain from the frontline to the C-suite will ensure that people at every level will “play ball”. EGNYT helps program managers and senior leaders continually monitor the health of the change program and identify pockets of resistance in real-time to take the appropriate action as and when needed

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EGNYT’s approach is grounded in the following guiding principles:

  • Putting People First: Organizations don’t change, people do. To get results, employees must take ownership. Therefore, we help you identify the vital behaviors that drive results, and reinforce them with positive feedback and we help you invest in coaching to develop individual capabilities
  • Crystalize Vision: The vision will need to inspire deep commitment. We help you develop a clear vision while ensuring leaders are aligned on and committed to it. 
  • Proof of Concept by Creating Immediate Value: Transformation plan will need to be realistic and have quick wins. We help you ensure that the organization is able to implement change and establish a governance structure to ensure efficient decision-making and management mechanism to measure progress and capture value
  • Sustainability of Change: We help you establish the organizational enablers and adapt the process and technology to support the change. Build-in a feedback loop and response mechanism to ensure enduring results.


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