EGNYT helps you reinvent your operations to uncover a new competitive edge, transform your operations, transcends siloes, and focus on the opportunities that will create the greatest value by taking a holistic view that connects operations to strategy. From the back office and across your supply chain, EGNYT can help you develop an unconstrained, end-to-end plan to achieve your full potential. We can work with you on:


EGNYT Demand-Driven Supply Chain approach is a powerful offering that empowers companies to use their supply chain as a strategic weapon. It helps companies adapt to dynamic environments and go beyond a near-term roadmap to build long-term capabilities that will sustain their competitive advantage.


EGNYT works closely with your team to identify and realize savings across all spend categories and procurement levers and build your organizational capabilities to sustain procurement gains over the long term. Efficient procurement organizations can reduce a company’s purchasing cost base and deliver sustained savings.


Business process redesign (BPR) examines the efficiency and effectiveness of a company’s most critical processes. It is a key enabler to deliver the high-quality of service, in the most productive way, at the most competitive cost and time. EGNYT’s business process redesign helps reduce cycle times, reduce costs, increase efficiency, quality and customer satisfaction.


EGNYT’s approach to shared services helps you rethink what work gets done, how and by whom so your people can focus their skills and energy on doing work that matters most to your strategy, and do it at scale to achieve faster, smarter and more efficient shared support functions to the organization.


Finance, HR, IT, legal, real estate, facilities management and other support functions have strategic roles beyond providing support and can propel your organization. Industry disruption, globalization, demographics, regulation, digital and other forces are increasingly demanding the transformation of support functions. EGNYT helps you quickly identify the sources of value, develop a plan that gains in efficiency and effectiveness so you can elevate your support functions to serve as true business partners.

We can help you improve organizational performance from the top to the bottom of the organizational chart, which improves your company’s performance and becomes a better place to work by ensuring your entire organization can deliver on your strategy. We help you develop optimal operating models, address capability and talent gaps, improve decision effectiveness, simplify organizational structure and strengthen culture and leadership.


  • Our approach combines cutting-edge digital technology, unmatched expertise and a database of industry key performance indicators
  • Transform your supply chain into a strategic weapon, by forging a tight linkage with corporate strategies and building the capabilities you need to respond nimbly to shifting market demands and deliver the right product in the right way to meet customer needs
  • Realize savings across all spend categories by building a world-class procurement organization and provide your team with the training, tools, systems and guidance they need to sustain savings over the long term
  • Embrace digital technologies from the board room to the shop floor and bring you a truly holistic approach to digitization
  • Deliver superior customer service through innovative service design that supports customer acquisition and retention while enhancing productivity, cost management and profitability
  • Innovate more rapidly and invest more wisely by optimizing your R&D organization and processes, driving out complexity and prioritizing customer needs.
  • We prioritize key processes and for each priority process, we develop a view of the current state using detailed process maps and analyze the identify major gaps. We then identify the root causes and create a vision of the future state of each process from the ground up, along with a roadmap to achieve the near and long term results
  • We use digital tools, such as advanced analytics and automation, to unlock more value and redesign and digitally enable the processes of support functions to improve speed, quality and cost
  • Determine what work gets done, how and by whom, with a service delivery model that’s right for your company. We then help you set up your shared services wherever they may be in the world
  • Team up with the best external sourcing partners, blending their capabilities with your own, to gain access to best-in-class capabilities to improve your competitive position
  • Design the right organization and operating model to ensure your support functions can optimally serve the needs of your company’s business
  • We help you define your long-term talent needs for support functions and develop a strategy for meeting them. Among the many benefits: make and execute better decisions faster than your competitors
  • We help you build the internal capabilities you need to ensure the gains you’ve made don’t erode over time



Raise customer satisfaction and advocacy realigning all aspects of shared services operations to be customer-centric


A clear, complete picture of company-wide procurement spend and savings across all categories and deliver full potential savings from direct and indirect categories using all procurement levers


Immediately monetize long-term science projects. Integrate acquired companies more rapidly, launch products and enter new markets faster to achieve accelerated growth


Generate cost savings in wages, infrastructure and vendor spend while freeing up managers’ time to concentrate on serving customers, standardizing work processes, raising employee skill levels and focusing employees on what they do best