Tip 1:

Maintain A Constant Flow Of Opportunities

Opportunities and initiatives are like “deal flow”, maintaining a constant flow of ideas and “ready-to-launch” initiatives is essential to ensure that your company is continuously ahead of the curve in a disruptive market. This makes it difficult for potential competitors and/or copycats to adopt/copy your business model or strategy. Not all initiatives and ideas need to be revolutionary, but you should have enough evolutionary ones in order to keep potential competitors on their toes.

Tip 2:

Instill A Strong Culture Of Creativity

To keep ideas and initiatives flowing, you need to promote internal creativity. Building a climate for creativity can promote ideation and innovation. You can do so by developing creativity into the organizational on an individual and work environment level. For example, improved knowledge sharing and creativity enhancing techniques such as brainstorming can be useful tools for improving an individual’s creative thinking. Openness, active communication, recognition and rewards for creative work  are important elements in supporting innovation and creative activities in an organization.

Tip 3:

Conduct Regular Brainstorming Workshops

Conducting regular brainstorming sessions is essential to company-wide continuous creativity and innovation. Doing so requires incorporating these workshops into the company’s internal core processes.

A good format for these sessions would be a sprint intensive and structured five-day facilitated cycle with up to 8 members from multi-disciplinary backgrounds, where participants start with broad topics, then dive deep into a specific topics . Broad and diverse participant backgrounds are key to successful Sprint outcomes.

Tip 4:

Ensure Diverse Team Participation

Specialization Is For Insects

In the process of creative brainstorming, involving as diverse and as broad pool or participants is essential in getting different perspectives and broadening of mindsets. While including Subject Matter Experts and Industry Specialists is a must, the composition of participants should be as broad as possible.

Bringing creative individuals and external professionals would ensure the ideas in these sessions go beyond the confined spaces of the company. For example, the pool of participants may benefit from the inclusion of individuals with a background in arts, music and creative design.

Tip 5:
Partner With A Creative Strategy Firm Like EGNYT to Help You Get There

It would be too much to expect from any company to be able to do it alone. This is a process that requires months to perfect. Going it alone may work but it would be much costlier and may not turn out to be successful. Hiring a professional firm with track record of building this process for countless clients may be the safest approach towards getting you there.

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