To bring to market a product concept that would work with its distribution network as well as appeal to customers for selling soft ice cream on a small scale.


New product development allowed for the integration of a small-sized ice cream machine that uses cartridges to fit within the current distribution network structure and provide consumers with an ice cream experience like no other.


When Unilever Cornetto Soft was challenged by providing soft ice cream to its consumers through its distribution network, its current business model was unachievable. It needed new product development to bring a quality soft ice cream machine to market that would enhance the customer experience and also fit within the confines of its distribution points. While large soft ice cream machines are the norm, Unilever worked with EGNYT to create a small manual machine to serve its soft ice cream using cartridges. The machine was given a retro design and took inspiration from churro machines in Spain with its development. Loop provided engineering and design on the project which was successfully launched by Unilever worldwide.

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