EGNYT consultants have years of experience working with top companies, brands and clients to transform products and services for their customers. We help clients create and develop innovative programs that increase visibility, engagement and recognition within target markets.

Consumers gravitate toward the innovative ideas shared through the design and development of your products and services. EGNYT can give your business the step change it needs to take a leap and separate you from your competitors in your niche.

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Identifying the needs of its customers, provided Nespresso new opportunities to sell product and grow revenue


Maintaining brand recognition in the luxury category allows Martini to resonate with customers.


New product development helps catapult Durex as a leader with consumers


Providing creditability with its brand has given Danone a strategic plan to follow globally with its audience


Through creative consulting, DiaBalance establishes itself in the marketplace as a new player

Air Wick

New product development gives Air Wick the upper hand in the marketplace and provides a new user experience for consumers


By using innovation and ideation, Unilever captures the market with new product development to provide a new customer experience


Understanding the desires of its consumers has allowed Uncier to fill a void and produce new product development that meets a growing demand

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