To gain market share in the office industry with its product line of coffee systems versus vending machines that are traditionally occupying the space.


Integrate Nespresso coffee systems into the furniture design for offices to provide an integrated approach to this market through complete business systems that enhance office creativity through coffee.


Nespresso wanted to increase its market share with the office segment as it was faced with strong competition from vending machines that held much of the market. To break into the space, Nespresso partnered with Loop to help redefine the value of coffee within an office organization. Together, the team worked to transform Nespresso’s reputation as a simple coffee supplier to a more evolved role as one that enhanced company dynamics through the sharing of coffee. Loop also suggested that Nespresso work with office furniture provides to provide an integrated coffee system, and hence, a new line of products unfolded for the company. Nespresso CEO praised Loop¹s work saying, “Loop is like a combination of IDEO with MacKinsey, both giving very creative product ideas and concepts together with the behind lying market and business strategy and positioning.”

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